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Normal8, Super8, Single8, Regular8Your cine film can be either Normal8 or Super8. While the majority of films are silent, some Super8 films may have a magnetic soundtrack (which we can convert in full sync).

Normal8 film (also known as Standard8 & Regular8 is an older format mostly used in the 50's and 60's. Super8 Film was introduced in the late 60's and was the most common film format for family movies in the 70's.

Check the table below to figure out the size and duration of your reels

400ft spools

Most reels are 3" in diametre (50ft). They can also be spliced onto larger spools, which are usually 200ft and 400ft, although other sizes do exist (100ft, 300ft, 600ft, etc.)

The actual duration of the film depends on the frame rate used to shoot your footage (usually 18 frames per second and sometimes 12, 15, 16 and 24fps). Scanning film frame by frame is very useful because it allows us to render video files at the proper speed.

You can also check the exact duration of your footage by using the Kodak Film Calculator.

Since our asynchronous system captures at a constant speed, our prices are based on the actually digitized number of images. File-speed is added during the render process and thus hardly enters into the price calculations. Prices are calculated in 50ft increments.


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