Colour adjustments are essential when it comes to 8mm film transfer for several reasons.

First of all, the colours on old films can shift, lose contrast and faded out with the years, depending on filmtypes and storage conditions (Kodak stocks are usually better preserved than Agfa stocks for instance).

Secondly, many people misused the daylight filter built in their 8mm camera when shooting in the 60's/70's and some of the footage can have a strong blue or yellow cast.

Moreover, further colour shifts may happen in the process of converting the actual footage.

This can be corrected digitally by using advanced colour adjusting techniques.

All the footage we transfer is colour adjusted digitally in order to improve the quality of the delivered product.

Many transfer houses do not take the time to correct colours, which usually results in poor quality work. Because we love film and because we pride ourselves in the quality of our work, we make sure your footage looks right by adjusting colours on a scene by scene basis.

Because 8mm to digital conversion is such a time consuming process, it only makes sense to transfer film if it is done properly in the first place. Current technology can achieve significantly better results than what could be done a few years ago, but a skilled hand to steer it and a bit of TLC are essential to produce quality work. Colour is one of those things that are best judged by the human eye. Try us and you will see the difference.



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