ELMO GP-E (serviced)

PRICE : 675 euros

Professional Dual-8 film projector (plays Super8 and Normal8)
All the belts and the bulb have been replaced and the claw re-aligned.

You can even vary the speed from 10 to 29 frames per second

It has a loop function to stop flickering/jittering
+ a film cutter to protect the film.

Perfect threading and easy cleaning of the projector.
The lens is extremely sharp and the focus very clear (Bulb is very bright at 150W)

Like on all Elmo projectors, the lens can swivel for an easy cleaning of the gate (hair removal etc.)

Bulb: 150W Hallogen

Lens: Elmo Super Zoom Lens f: 1.3 \ F: 15-25 mm
Not as in cheaper Elmo projectors with plastic lenses. This is high quality glass

Reels: up to 120m (400ft)

Frame rates: 10 to 29 fps variable speed (frames per second)

Forward / Backward projection

Easy access to the gate for cleaning

Adjustable foot

Film cutter







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