EIKI SNT 16mm Sound Projector

PRICE : 975 euros
Also available for hire

Eiki SNT 16mm Projector

The Slim Line from Eiki have some of the lightest 16mm projectors around
Professional 16mm film projector with optical and magnetic sound
One of the more advanced Eiki machines. Torough Design, perfect for exhibitions
It has been fully Serviced and is good to go for many years
The belts on this device also are sturdier than other projectors.


Bulb: 250W Hallogen

Lens: Eiki Prime Lens f: 1.2 / 50mm
Other lenses and Anamorphic holder available on request

Reels: up to 2200ft

Frame rates: 18 and 24fps (frames per second)

Forward / Backward projection

Optical & Magnetic Sound

Easy access to the gate for cleaning

Adjustable foot

Film cutter







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