Why they are important and why they should be done right

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With Slides and photographs, exactly the same issue needs to be addressed, where colours shift during scanned and therefore should be corrected in order to achieve the best results.
The examples below show this point quite clearly.
Just hover your mouse in and out of the picture to see the difference.
(Note: if you are on internet explorer and the images don't change when you hover the mouse over, look out for a yellow bar on top of the screen to activate the direct-x function)

Example 1
No Colour correction vs corrected picture

Example 2
Same picture showing the difference between automated and manual colour corrections

Example 3
Another example showing how colour shifts can be fixed

Example 4
This shows quite clearly the benefit of High Definition (Blu-Ray disc) when played on a large screen TV.
Hover the mouse over the image and out, in order to see the difference in details between a DVD and a Blu-Ray.
Your printed photographs and your slides are at a high resolution. However practical a DVD may be for organizing and viewing these images, it still causes a loss in quality. A Blu-Ray disc may not be as good as the actual photographs (or the scanned files we can provide you with at 1200 or 2400 dpi), but the loss of quality is then minimal.










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